Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pack rats!

We've all heard of pack rats right? You know, people that can't seem to get rid of anything. Well, that is not the sort of pack rat I'm writing about. We have real live rodent pack rats here! They like to collect things and put them in dark places..... like under the hood of a car, and while there they may just chew up some wires!

Mr. M's sharp eyes spotted one heading into our van, which made us realize we needed to do something about these pests sooner than later. We didn't want a bunch of traps in our yard as that would be a hazard to our little ones. The solution?

Cats of course! We have a friend with several cats/kittens, that are good little hunters, who offered us some of hers! Yay! We ended up with a mama cat and her three kittens.

These cats are outside only cats and are here to work (though our children sure are enjoying them). They all have food related names to help our kids remember that the cats are here to make snacks of pests around here, but may also become coyote snacks themselves. They have a place of shelter on our porch and will generally be safe there so we hope they will be with us for quite some time.

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