Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nearly normal

This week we are starting to feel like we are getting to our new "normal" around here. While we are still doing quite a bit of settling in we are also falling into a nice routine. Chores are getting done regularly now, which feels so good.

We've been doing school (as in grammar and math) regularly, though learning never takes a break around here.
Little girls are getting to do "pre-school" activities regularly (play dough here).
Miss E has started helping me sew (she is working on a tablecloth here).
Mr. K is figuring out how to eat and sleep at regular times and even learning to put himself to sleep!

It feels so good to be finding our normal, it gives sense a peace and calm to everyone. Our house is starting to feel like home!


  1. Adjustments can be so hard! We'll all be adjusting to one more soon. It's so exciting, but I have to remember not to expect that I will be able to accomplish all the same things right away. We are down to the bare skeleton of homeschooling, but yes learning is still happening! :)

  2. Yay I'm happy for you! I wish I could figure out a "normal" for our family :)