Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chickenpox? Maybe?

Mr.S came down with a headache and fever mid-week.  By the next day he had spots, nice round bumps. Where we dealing with chickenpox?  Could it be?  While no one wants to see their child sick I was not upset to be getting this over with.  The poor guy was feeling awful though.  A couple of oatmeal baths and several naps helped him through the day.

The next morning he seemed to be feeling quite a bit better.  He was still covered in spots, but they didn't look like chickenpox anymore.  More like the hives he is prone to when he has had a virus.  It seems we have something other than the chickenpox in the house.

Today poor Mr. K has the bug (though no spots).  We are resting and taking it easy around here; helping my little guys recover and wondering how many more victims this bug with have.


  1. Oh, poor guys! I hope no one else gets it!

  2. We missed you Sat & Sun, & pray you are all healthy soon.