Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hunting rabbit

Mr. M has been delighted that Daddy has been letting him use the pellet gun lately.  Since he would love to be able to go out hunting and provide his family with food someday; we have been encouraging him to work on his marksmanship skills.  They seem to be improving greatly.  In this past week he managed to get two doves and a rabbit.

The rabbit was the big score.  On Sunday morning I was getting myself, Mr. K and the little girls ready for church.  Outside my bedroom I could hear talk of a rabbit and rabbit stew.  A little while later Rob came in to tell me that Mr. M had got a rabbit!

With only about 30 minutes left before we needed to leave for church they scrambled to figure out what could be done to keep as much of the rabbit as possible.  Miss E ended up skinning it, she did a great job for the first time!  At church Rob and Mr. M were able to get advice from some of the men on what to do with the skin, and how to better handle it next time.

Way to go Mr. M!  You're well on your way to being able to hunt and provide for your family!

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