Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mommy please pray...

Tonight when I went in to say goodnight to my girls Miss J asked me to "Please pray that I would be cute."

No, I did not burst out laughing.  It took nearly all of my strength to keep a straight face as I said  "How about I pray that God would make you cute on the inside, and that your inner beauty would shine through making you beautiful on the outside as well?"  She thought that was great and so I prayed that ALL of my girls would have inner beauty from God and that they would glorify Him in all they do.


  1. How precious! And, kudos, for the quick, thoughtful and appropriate response to give her!

    Happy New Year and many blessings,

  2. That is cute! reading all your posts from this page and I like how they are short and sweet with a pic I need to learn to be more short. lol