Saturday, February 25, 2012

On the road

The drive down to Texas went smoothly.  On one of our stops to feed Mr. K we stopped along a burnt out school building.  It looked so interesting that Rob took the kids walking around it to explore and stretch their legs.

We needed to stop for lunch and were looking for a suitable place to picnic.  A church was right off of the exit with quite a bit of grass in the front, it was the perfect place for lunch!  Miss C looked so sweet sitting on her little seat looking at a flower that Miss E and Miss J had brought her.

Our first stop when we got to San Antonio was Vision Forum.  The kids had a GREAT time looking through all of the clearance items.  We also enjoyed meeting some of the wonderful employees there.  I snapped a quick picture of the kids waiting on the couch in the office while daddy was in the customer service area paying for all the loot.