Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A winter picnic!

The kids got the idea to have a "beach" picnic; complete with swimsuits mid-winder!  It was such a cute idea and seemed like a fun thing to do so I went ahead and put the requested hot dogs on my grocery list. 

With temperatures starting to climb into the upper 60's and even the 70's I guess we could have had the picnic outside, but this was fun and we didn't have to worry about any cactus pokes!


  1. SO cute! What a great idea! :-)

  2. Yes, so cute! We do that sometimes for dinner--a picnic in front of a movie in the living room. : )

  3. So fun! We do that here when it's sooo cold outside and the kids are getting cabin fever. It helps remind us of warmer days to come. :-)