Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Film Festival Day 1

After visiting the Alamo it was time to head on over to the film festival.  It was a short and fairly pleasant walk from there over to the convention center.

We waited in line to register and then headed down for the first showings.


  We enjoyed a documentary on bugs  and then one of the favorites of the festival (for Mr. R) Awesome Science: The Grand Canyon.
The kids were excited to get their picture taken with the makers of Awesome Science!
Miss E noticed one of the advertisements indicated that there would be free popcorn in the vendors hall.  Our kids wasted no time in spotting that vendor!

John Moore from The Widows Might was spotted in the vendor hall, and the kids were excited to get their picture taken with him.  The Widows Might is one of our favorite movies, and we were excited to find out that they had previously made another movie -Heart Strings- that we are looking forward to watching and that the family is also working on another movie!

Part of the reason we were at the film festival was to encourage our friends The Wintons who entered their documentary Rescued in the festival.

After watching a couple of movies we went out for dinner on the River Walk.  We all had a great time eating outside and enjoying some fairly quite time as a family.


One of the vendors was giving out these squishy toy cameras, Miss J spent the entire festival "taking pictures" with it!

We attended the opening ceremony for the film festival.  It was great to hear the vision for the festival and a bit of its history.  It was also wonderful to hear some very God honoring music and talks.


Despite it being way too late we decided to attend a concert in the River Walk Amphitheater by Charlie Zahm.  While I did enjoy his music I did not get to soak in much of the concert.  The music was like wonderful background music as I bounced, walked, patted and soothed my two VERY tired little ones.  I was also able to make a new friend, and enjoyed meeting up with her and her daughters several times in the coming days.

Miss J enjoyed the treat of getting to sit with Mr. Winton during the concert.

As we walked back to the car Miss J was thrilled to see that the "princess carriages" that she had seen earlier in the day were lit up for the evening.  Yes, it was tempting to take her for a ride.

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  1. How fun!! Doug Phillips of Vision Forum had a documentary in that festival also I believe. We are a family that loves documentaries and good Christian movies too. So thankful you had a great time together as a family.