Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A visit with The Wintons; and a concert!

Our friends The Wintons are on their way to the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.  Not only did we have the pleasure of hosting them as they passed through, but they did a concert here too!

Miss J was tickled pink to have them here (the rest of us were quite excited too!), and was thrilled to get to play a couple of games with Mr. Winton.

The Winton boys are very popular around here too.  I'm afraid this may not have been the most restful stop for them, with all of the kids wanting their attention.  These are some wonderful young men, and we love having our kids spend time with them!

The concert was great too!  We never get tired of their music, and their testimony is even better.  It is always so encouraging to hear how God has worked in their lives.


*Mr. Winton took this picture with his iphone during a part of the concert that the boys where doing on their own.  I forgot my camera. 

We sure missed the Winton ladies.  Maybe they will get to come next time?

The Wintons are on their way to the SAICFF because their film Rescued (a documentary on adoption) has been entered.  It is a semi-finalist in the documentary category.  For more a chance to win a copy of this DVD go here.

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