Thursday, March 1, 2012

Film Festival Day 2

Day two of the film festival started very early for us, and we really were not sure we would make the 8:30 am showing that we were hoping for after being out so late the night before.  Thanks to a couple of early birds though, we were able to dash out and make it in time.

Most of our day looked like this....

Yep, sitting and watching showing after showing.  Fortunately the quality of all of the shows was great and we did enjoy them!

The kids enjoyed the seemingly endless supply of popcorn.


We only made it to one feature film in the big theater, Seven days in Utopia.  We needed to sit near the back with a bit of floor space and easy access to doors for the little ones, but we let the big kids sit in front on their own.

Rob enjoyed a talk from Kevin Swanson on the Fantasy Genre while I took all of the kids to a showing of a documentary on Monarch Butterflies.

We ended our day a bit early and headed out to get dinner.  On our way out we went through the mall.  Miss J had spotted all of the princess dresses in the window of the Disney store on our way in earlier in the day and had GASPED at the sight of all of those lovely dresses.  Daddy was kind enough to take a detour into the store so she could get a closer look.

***This trip was not all fun and games, smiles and giggles but we don't take pictures of those moments.  ;) Taking kids on trips always has its ups and downs.  Rob and I each spent our fair share of time taking little ones out for potty trips or because of fussing.  Some older kids had their rough moments as well, which is to be expected with so many late nights and being constantly on the go.  This is where our teaching and training comes in though.  The kids were generally well behaved and we were able to regroup after some tough moments and enjoy our time.  Stopping to pray and ask God for wisdom and grace allowed us to keep going and to enjoy this trip. 

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