Saturday, March 17, 2012

New kittens the living room!

Our sweet mama cat has been expecting kittens, and on Wednesday this week we thought for sure she would be having them.  She was acting strange; Miss E noticed that she seemed to want company in the little nest she had claimed in the garage.  Miss E spent quite a bit on time in there, but no kittens.

On Thursday morning I could hear mama cat in the garage "crying" so I went to check on her.  She walked right in, sat herself down on the arm chair in the living room and stayed.  She seemed to be wanting to cuddle, and Mr. S enjoyed that, but slowly she took over the whole chair.  As I looked at her I could just tell she was laboring.  I asked Rob to at least put a couple of towels under her, just in case.  About 5 minutes after that was taken care of it became very obvious that she would be having her kittens in the living room.  During morning Bible reading.  In my arm chair.

I had to just put a smile on my face, remember that the towels were there and that the chair could be cleaned and be thankful that she was making the homeschooling aspect very easy on me.  The kids had all been asking if they could watch her have her kittens, but since we had assumed that she would want peace and quiet we told them that it would have to be just one or two of them IF we knew when it was happening.  To say the kids were excited with this turn of events would be an understatement.


She had four kittens on Thursday morning and we left her in her spot all day.  By evening she was wandering around the house and we decided that it would be best to transfer all of them to her little nest in the garage with the heating lamp we had set up.

The next morning we discovered a still born kitten (#5).  Our kids have had enough lessons in death to be okay with this event, but it was still a bit sad.  They dug a hole and buried it and made a little marker.

We are enjoying peaking at the kittens and I'm already noticing some changes in them.

You may recall that mama cat came to us with three kittens.  One seems to have had a tragic run in with a coyote (we think) and the other two were passed on to friends.  


  1. That is just so precious! What a beautiful way to start the day. : )

  2. Gabe, Let me know if you're going to be giving any of the kittens away! We would love two (or three!) of them! Love your blog. Your kiddos are precious in their matching clothes. ;)