Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Desert Museum

We had the opportunity to join a group from church going to the Desert Museum this week.  Rob already had the day off, which made the day all the more enjoyable!

We were following one of the Jr. Docents to her assigned stations at the Museum and exploring a bit between stops.  We got to hear about local plants and wild life.


There were plenty of hands on activities too!


We had a picnic lunch.

Then we split off from our group to explore a bit on our own.  We had a great time and it seemed to be the perfect time to go.  It was nice and warm, but not too hot.


*We didn't get a picture of them, but Miss J was so excited to hear that we would be seeing "Fairy Dogs." We told her many times on our way to the exhibit that they were P-P-P-Prairie dogs, but I guess it did not sink in.  Upon seeing them the first thing she said was "Why aren't they flying?"  We were then able to explain that they were Prairie dogs, and there are no Fairy Dogs.  She thought they were cute anyways.


  1. So cute about the fairy dogs!

    And what a fun day it looks like you had. : ) (and educational!)

  2. Fairy dogs--too cute! Looks like a blast.