Friday, March 2, 2012

Film festival day 3

Day three was another very early start, but with an earlier bed time the night before we had an easier start.  Since we made good time getting out the door I decided that a stop at Starbucks was in order to keep me going through the morning.  The barrista was very kind to offer to make the kids "sample" vanilla bean frappuccinos!


The kids had all been looking forward to watching Dad the Hero on Vacation since they had watched the trailer a week or so earlier.  The movie did not disappoint.  It was a sweet, God honoring, family centered film that was full of laughs.  We enjoyed meeting the sweet family that made this movie, and they even provided a copy of each of their two movies for me to give away!  Go check out the give away on my other blog!


It seemed that every time we turned around Miss J was making a new friend.  While we all enjoyed socializing it seems that she may be the most outgoing of our kids.  Young and old, she did not seem to care if they had a smiling happy face she wanted to be their friend; she had no lack of options at this film festival!

We took a break in the afternoon and Rob found a place for the kids to run around and play for a bit.


We had planned to have dinner with the Wintons and as we were all walking together to the restaraunt we ran into friends of theirs that we had been wanting to meet (so many people had been asking if we knew this family as we had been stationed near them in the past).  They blessed us by joining our group and it was wonderful to finally be able to connect with them.

The awards caramony was the last event we attended and the kids surprised us with their very good behavior considering that the three little ones had gotten sick and were Oh. So. Very. Tired.  We enjoyed getting to attend this film festival, and the fellowship we were able to enjoy while there.

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