Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's with the weather?

Moving around so much with the military has taken us to many areas of the country, which means many climates as well.  We've often marveled at the wonders of God's creation, one of those marvels being weather.

Watching the water go slowly from calm to turbulent showing the signs of the incoming storm before the sky shows any hint of what is coming.  A blizzard that shuts down the city the day after a hot sunny day.  Foggy dreary mornings that turn into warm sunny afternoons.  These are all situations that we have marveled at during past assignments.  This assignment has been no different; in that it too is very different.  ;)

All year we've been mumbling about this supposedly hot desert which we've moved to, one that we had heard rumors about never needing anything heavier than a light jacket a couple of days a year, as we've experienced freeze warnings (and had to wrap our pipes to prevent freezing and bursting), and the need for long johns, heavy coats, hats, mittens and scarves!

This past week took the cake though.  We've been enjoying highs in the 80's for about a week when all of a sudden it all came crashing down.  The high wind told of the impending weather change, so I stopped putting all of those warm winter clothes away.

The clouds rolled in.


The hail came down, and it looked like there may have even been snow mixed in!

When the clouds lifted we could see snow on the mountains.  This is the view I would expect to see in March (minus the cactus) while living in Colorado, but NOT in Arizona!

We are back on our way up to 80's again, and despite the ups and downs we are truly enjoying living here!  I guess we all needs ups and downs in our lives anyways.  They keep us on our toes and keep us marveling at God's creation as well as His love for us.


  1. Hi Mrs Harder,
    I'll tell you about the ather :)
    See, EVERY year on my birthday the weather gets bad in whatever city I'm in. Hawaii, Germany, doesn't matter. Monday was my birthday. That's why it snowed in Tucson. It's the third time :D

  2. Oh Jordanna, Happy Birthday! Thanks for the explanation, I'll be sure to expect crazy weather next year on the 19th as well.

  3. We had snow on the mountains right here in Monterey this past week. It was crazy to see snow so close to us.