Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Rob!

We celebrated Rob's birthday this week-end.  We got up at a reasonable time (all the little ones slept past six) and I made a special breakfast for Rob.  He took the boys to a local gun show while the girls and little Mr. K stayed home and worked on baking his cake and cleaning up around the house.

Miss E made bagel dogs for Rob for his birthday lunch, one of his favorites.  Yes, she made up the dough, wrapped the hot dogs in the dough, broiled, boiled, and baked them!  She is a natural in the kitchen!

I made German food for dinner;  Spaetzle, schnitzel, rouladen, gravy and even purple cabbage!  Yum!

Rob requested a German chocolate cake.  Miss E helped a bit with making the cake, though I did end up doing most of it.  Miss J had plans for how to decorate the cake and was so excited that she is getting big enough to do that sort of thing, so we let her go ahead and take care of that job.

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