Friday, July 27, 2012

Baby's first hair cut

I like my babies to look like babies.  I generally do not give my boys hair cuts until they are AT LEAST one year old.  I wait longer if I can.  Mr. K had great curls all over his sweet little head, making it even harder to want to cut it.

However he had been running into many bad hair days where the curls were not curling so well.  He was being mistaken for a girl regularly when out and about.  His brothers were lovingly saying things like "girly" and "sissy."  When the big boys were getting their hair cuts last week they ganged up on me and told me what I already knew.  It was time.


He still looks sweet, but older.  I do have some hope that he will be the first of our children to hold his curls, but right now it is too short to show if they are still there.

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  1. That look on his face in the pic with the scissors is priceless!