Monday, July 23, 2012

We're on Vacation! Mt. Lemmon

Rob took this past week off of work.  We didn't take a big trip.  We didn't get any major work done.  We did have a good time though!  We did take the time to chip away at a couple of projects around here.

A few months ago Rob had taken four of the older kids up to Mt. Lemon to hike and play around in the woods.  We've been meaning to go up as a family since then.  We set aside one day for playing up there.

On our way up we checked out a couple of the campgrounds to see if any of them would work for our trailer.  We hope to head up there some time in the not-too-distant-future.  We were a bit puzzled by this sign and just couldn't figure out how they go about measuring that.... ;)


It turns out that Miss C isn't an "outdoorsy" girl, or much of a hiker either.  Since the trails were not cut out for jogging strollers we decided to set up at the trail head and let the kids play there.  Miss C warmed up to the dirt, bugs, leaves and all of that a bit and managed to have some fun.  Mr. K seemed to feel right at home in the dirt and sticks on the ground there.  I supervised their fun and snacking (No, don't eat the stick!  Here have a cheerio!).


Miss J is our little adventurer.  Rob took her out on a couple of her own little hikes while the big kids played in the little stream.  I'm not quite sure what all they were doing but I could see them from where I was stationed with the little ones and heard about a frog, bugs, a little town that was built and I saw some wet pants, muddy toes and was glad no one lost their shoes and socks!

Mr. R came prepared for an adventure that would hopefully involve needing to cook a meal for his poor lost and hungry family.  Since we didn't get lost and the pizza place 5 minutes down the road looked GREAT to me he set up his little sterno stove and made up a snack for himself and anyone else that was interested in ramen noodles.  It was great too see how well prepared he was and that he was able to get it all packed, unpacked, made up, AND cleaned up on his own!

The next morning was spent with some friends making shampoo bars!  The dads had a good time in the morning doing a bit of target practice and then they helped out with the kids and lunch while we made the soap.  It was so much fun to try making something new with friends, and the kids enjoyed the time with their friends.  So far its been a great vacation....

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