Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to me! Dessert with every meal!

After watching way too much Cake Boss while Mr. K was sick I've been wanting desserts, so I asked for extras on my birthday.  When Miss J heard about this I was given a BIG hug and told "Oh Mommy!  I LOVE you!"  There was much excitement and anticipation over my birthday this year.

In the morning I came out to the living room to find that the kids had decorated the living room with a sweet birthday sign and paper chains.  They had sent me to bed early the night before so they could get it all done.  What sweet children!  As everyone got up they all brought me hand made cards and Rob gave me my gifts a new cupcake calendar and book!  Everyone was as excited as I was about my gifts!

My breakfast was dessert; crepes.  Served with bananas, strawberries, chocolate syrup, nutella, and whipped cream there was no need to make up dessert to serve after this meal!  Once we finished off all of the crepes we started spraying whipped cream into mouths, and had lots of fun with that.  Mr. K seemed to approve of the meal too.


Miss E and the little girls had made up a birthday cake for me the day before.  I love that Miss E not only is able to bake like this, but that she loves to and is teaching her little sisters.  They had so much fun decorating the cake too.

*Mr. M did a great job lighting a few candles for my cake!


After looking through my birthday present together Miss E and I decided that the dinner dessert plans should change.  She made "nachos" for me!  It was a cheesecake with pie crust cookies and various candies.  Yea, my newest cupcake book has more than just cupcakes!  What fun!

 By dinner I was beginning to wonder what I was thinking by asking for dessert with every meal.  Too much sugar for one day, but it sure was fun and my kids had a great time.

Oh, you are wondering how old I am?  I'm 35 this year!

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