Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Princesses visit the castle (Glen Eyrie Colorado Springs)

Miss J has been asking me to take her to a castle for over a year now.  I promised that when we move back to Colorado I would take her to Glen Eyrie, but when our visit came up the kids reminded me that this would be a good chance to visit the castle.  You can't even imagine the excitement.


I signed us up for the tour and tea.  All of the kids looked like sweet little princes and princesses (yes, the boys were excited to go too).  Better yet, they all behaved wonderfully!
*Here they are waiting for to hear the background about the castle before heading out on the tour.

Mr. S was especially excited to find that there was a secret tunnel (though it had caved in down the way and could no longer be explored).


Miss J was sure there would be a knight there, and she was not disappointed.
*Sorry about the bad picture, you can only do so well with a baby on your back, a toddler on your leg, a crowd around you, and using a cell phone to take the picture.

I was a bit unsure about taking 7 kids to tea at a castle all by myself, but they all did great and we had a wonderful time.  Everyone enjoyed the fun treats and it was fun to taste some new teas too.

Shortly after we got home fires came very close to Glen Eyrie and threatened to burn the castle down, I was so glad I had gone ahead and taken the kids for this special experience and even happier that the castle survived!  Maybe we will go again in a couple of years?


  1. Looks like you all had a good time! I have had tea at glen eyrie too (though without kids :-)) and know how special a time it can be!

  2. AMAZING video of the fire's impact on Glen Eyrie here:

    The first structure burned down in the Waldo Canyon fire was at Glen've got to see the footage to believe what happened there and at their other property, Eagle Lake (the man who runs that camp grew up at our church--they're one of the ministries we support). God's hand of protection was certainly on them and it's spectacular to behold.