Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A double birthday!

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated the double birthday of our oldest AND our youngest children!  Just over a year ago Miss E was celebrating her 11th birthday just the way she had prayed; by spending the day at the hospital witnessing the birth of her baby brother and cutting his cord!

This year we enjoyed the fun of a baby birthday and a pre-teen birthday all in one day! It was fun seeing the difference in gifts right there side by side (and similarities as well, they both got some playmobil), and that a one year old really does not care at all that it is his/her birthday!

Miss E picked the cake.  This is the first time one of my kids have picked their cake just for the flavor.  She chose "grown up meals" like breakfast sandwiches made with gruyere cheese and ham, brie and ham quesadillas for lunch and lasagna for dinner.  The best part?  She wanted to make it all!  I enjoyed helping her out in the kitchen though.  Her e-reader died just before her birthday, all she wanted was to replace it.  Between what we gave her towards it and generous grandparents she was able to get a kindle as well as some playmobil for both her and Mr. K with some cash to spare!  She is growing up to be quite the wonderful young woman and we are looking forward to watching her grow and mature in Christ in the coming years!


*1 year old after eating his birthday cake.
While Mr. K hardly noticed that it was his birthday, he did enjoy opening his gifts.  He was excited about all of them, but then what little boy wouldn't like a new dump truck, airplane and animal train?  Mr. K is such an active little guy, he only seems to sit still to eat or sleep.  He likes to climb, play with cars and balls, chase siblings, and play with knives (well, just the wood one from the play kitchen set.  Daddy is proud of the early interest all the same though!)
*12 year old after eating birthday cake.  Oh, the difference 11 years make!


I was way too slow getting this up because I've got a big project I'm working on.  Its just about done and I'll get to post pictures soon!

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