Monday, August 27, 2012

Air Force event (steampunk outfit/Ken Kinetic jewelry)

This past week the 12th Air Force celebrated it's 70th birthday.  70 is a big birthday, and all the more so since the 12th is actually older than the Air Force!  We've been looking forward to this big event since finding out about it this past winter.  It was one of our few chances to dress up in formal atire!

I knew I would need to make my outfit since I was wanting a formal look, but cotton because of the heat here.  As I thought about it and the necklace I wanted to wear with it I realized I was going for a bit of a steampunk look.  My mom and I went shopping for the fabric when I was visiting this spring.  As I was showing my stepmom the fabric and describing the look we both realized that some of the jewelry my dad had made would look fabulous with it and really help pull off the steampunk look.
I've been working on this off and on for a few months with it really coming together the last few weeks.


The event called for Rob to wear his Mess dress (the military version of the tuxedo), the kids call it his "messy dress."  He looked quite hansom, and I think we made a nice looking pair.

We enjoyed the evening including learning more about the history of the AirForce in general, but also of the 12th Air Force.  With many generals (both active and retired), a congressman, a former Hanoi Hilton POW, and many other special guests it was a wonderful evening of not only celebrating a birthday, but also remembering the great sacrifices that have been paid to afford us such great freedom, and that we too must be ready and willing to continue the fight with our own sacrifices to keep that freedom.



  1. I can't believe you made a steampunk dress! When you posted the teaser pics in that last post I was intrigued, but never imagined you would really take it that way. I love the way the skirt drapes, and its bustle and trim. And the neckline you chose (and piping) are perfect for highlighting the necklace. How fun! (I really like your bag too!)

  2. Love it! Pale pink and brown is one of my absolute favorite color combinations. It looks good on you (not so much this redhead)!

    No chance you'll wear it to the drop tomorrow so I can see it... :)


  3. The dress turned out so beautiful & you look fantastic. What a handsome couple you are.