Monday, August 20, 2012

Tarantula by the door!

Rob found this guy by our front door the other morning.  He got the boys up out of bed to show them.  Mr. M immediately decided to make a pet of the thing.

I'm glad he has a good understanding of what critters are and are not allowed in our home.  For him making this guy a pet consists of going out to check on it regularly and showing any friends that may stop by.

For me letting my son keep a tarantula as a pet means I'll brave going in and out of our house knowing that the thing will be there for as long as it wants.  I will not ask that it be removed as long as it is leaving us alone.

I think it is enjoying feasting on the bugs that come to our door in the evening.  All of this has reminded me to look up an old favorite....Be nice to Spiders.

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  1. aaaaaeeeeeiiiiiii!!!!!

    I don't let my kids kill the spiders who like to live above our shower--I figure if there are enough bugs to eat up there (in the antique ceiling) that I want them up there to help catch them. BUT those are delicate, easy-to-scare spinners and daddy-long-legs. None of these thick-legged, hairy spiders for me! We have gotten wolf spiders (I mean huge ones, looks like almost the same size as your tarantula) in the house 4 times in 7 years, and I just can't get all catch-and-release on them--no, it's the vacuum for them! So I'm very happy with you that your boy knows better than to bring THAT into the house--but I would be having a hard time letting it stay anywhere near the door, in case it got loose and decided to come in! : )