Monday, August 6, 2012

August Cupcakes

Once again I was so excited to be making the cupcakes for the month.  Not only were these owl cupcakes absolutely adorable (and fairly easy to put together), but they were easy to make allergy friendly for the kids at church that have had to miss out in the past!  Woo hoo!

Since Miss E's birthday is this month she wanted to have a big part in the decorating.  She helped out quite a bit and decorated a whole tray of the owls on her own!  She is becoming quite the baker and her decorating skills are developing as well!  I love watching her in action and tasting all of the wonderful treats she comes up with!  Thanks for helping with the cupcakes Miss E!

*I missed doing last months cupcakes do to a nasty bug that was going through the house. :(

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