Friday, May 10, 2013

A little boost!

Its been a rough couple of months, and now that I'm feeling a bit better (but still struggling with a bit of lingering morning sickness) there is no time for taking it easy.  This past week I had several busy days and several more coming up.  My sweet husband decided that I needed a special boost to get me through the week (and a jump start to Mother's day).  This arrived on Thursday, just at lunch time....


What a boost it was!  I had so much to do that afternoon and I'd already spent the morning running errands, I needed a nap, not a to-do-list.  After finishing this off we were all set and ready to get to work (with no nap).  Do I have the most wonderful, thoughtful husband or what?

*Nothing went to waste.  Mr. M even gobbled up the Kale!  I also managed to set aside some chocolate covered strawberries to share with my dear hubby when he got home!

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