Monday, May 20, 2013


A snake was spotted in the yard recently.  Mr. M was sure it was a baby rattler.  Mr. K and Miss J were with them and he knew they needed protecting (Mr. K was screaming like a girl, which drew my attention).  I'll spare you the details on how the thing met it's demise.

A dear friend was on her way over to help out around the house.  She happens to have a fair bit of experience with rattlers.  I was thankful she would be able to handle the situation upon arriving.  She inspected and pointed out why it was not a rattler and how they would be better able to tell what kind it is next time.

Mr. M took the thing in the house, skinned it, preserved it, and then cooked it up to eat!  Nothing went to waste.  He even talked "J" into sampling it with him.


*This whole living on an acre on the edge of town in the desert is really stretching me.  First lizards and tarantulas, now this!  I'm not much of an arachnid/reptile lover liker tolerater, letting my boys handle these things is hard enough, but having them living on my front porch, dissected on our school table, and preserved in bottles on the kitchen window sill?  These things are almost too much for me, but God gave me these dear boys to raise up to be men, and this is part of raising men (at least these men) and so I put a smile on my face; congratulate them on a job well done; and encourage them to learn and explore even more.  God is using them to teach and stretch me.


  1. That is so awesome! I am just amazed at how great of a mom you are, encouraging your boys so fully and embracing everything there is to be gleaned from the whole experience. Cooking the snake--I love it! : )

  2. Did you use coconut oil to fry it up? You should send that pic in to Nutiva for their recipe page--LOL!

  3. Kim- I'm sure he did, that is about all my kids would know to use! After taking the picture I realized the extra jars had not been put away after a recent trip to Costco. That is what happens when mama barely sets foot in the kitchen for a couple of months! LOL!

  4. Aren't those snakes protected

  5. Anonymous- I do not believe they are. In fact they are very common in this area and often mistaken as a rattler. Had we been certain what kind it was we would have left it though. As it was my boys wisely protected their younger siblings from what they thought was a serious threat of a baby rattle snake in our yard.