Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Boonshoft Museum (Ken Kinetic)

While we were in the area we took the opportunity to visit The Boonshoft Museum which has a piece of my Dad's art on display.  We were in no way dissappointed to have taken the effort to get there.

Dad's piece was to the right, just as we walked in.  All of the kids enjoyed getting to move it around and just to see it on display in a museum.


It was a special moment for me to get to see one of Dad's pieces in a place he would have loved so much.  He used to take me and my brothers to OMSI when we were little, and took my kids there as well.  The Boonshoft Museum reminded me of OMSI in many ways.  Our visit was made all the more enjoyable by the staff who welcomed us so warmly (I had made contact ahead of time; they were expecting us).


We took a couple of hours to explore the museum.  We could have stayed all day (but time did not permit).  My kids soaked in every bit that they saw.  Each and every one of them enjoyed their time there, from the 12 year old Miss E right down to nearly 2 year old Mr. K.

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