Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Creation Museum!

The motivation for our road trip was to get out to the Creation museum.  After leaving Uncle D and Aunt M that was our next stop!  We spent two days there and could have stayed longer!  We had a great time.  Yes, the whole family, young and old, loved it.  It was great for everyone!

Our first stop was the Planetarium for a show.  It was exciting just standing in line (though we did let the kids out of line to go see the turtles swimming in the aquarium).

There were plenty of live animals in aquariums and terrariums.  Because we had been studying not only creation and the flood, but also what to expect at the museum the kids knew they had poison dart frogs there.  They were quite excited to spot them (in all of their bright colors) right away.


As you enter the walk through portion of the museum (the bulk of it) you get some lessons on fossils, sin, the Bible and creation.


Next you get to head into the Garden of Eden.  Everyone loved spotting various animals as we walked through the story of the first days.

After sin and corruption enters the world (and an area on such things) we head over to the ark.  There is a portion of an ark so you can see how big it would be and how it may have been made.  There are also many displays in another lower room.  My kids really enjoyed this area.


There was an area with many dinosaurs (large models) and information about them.  There were also many fossils throughout the museum that the kids enjoyed seeing. 


We kept returning to the turtle aquarium near the entrance.  Mr. K loved it and would sweetly ask "more?" several times each day.  There was plenty to see in that area and there were a couple of theaters located there (as well as the food) so it was an area we needed to be in regularly anyways.

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  1. Looks wonderful! I would love to get there someday! :-)