Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas camping

We went camping for Christmas this year!  Even though it was a bit of work to put it together I think it reduced the general stress and expectations for the season/day.

Almost as soon as we arrived a tent was built using fabric and rope the kids had brought for just such an activity.


Miss A learned about the joy of pacifiers.  We had tried them earlier and she had rejected them.  We decided to try a different type since she does have her moments and has so far been generally unsuccessful with her thumb. *Note to babysitter J....The suspected stinkerness is starting to show itself.


Miss J had requested hot dogs for our Christmas Eve meal.  At first I turned my nose up at that idea. Then I remembered that simple and easy was the point of this trip.  What could be easier than daddy cooking hot dogs and baked beans outside?  Every one was happy and I didn't have to cook!

We spent Christmas Eve playing games with the kids.


Then we put them to bed.

Yea, we're really roughing it.  Everyone got to put in their requests for treats, mine was peppermint mochas/hot chocolate.


On Christmas Day the big kids went on a hike with Daddy while I stayed behind and napped with the little kids.

*Mr. R lost a tooth.  That's what you get when snacking on an MRE.


*When little ones got up they climbed into bed with me for a nice snuggle.  Then we had snacks.  Then they requested a movie.

Miss C enjoyed many mini-hikes with Daddy.  She also had an MRE set aside to share with Daddy.

The big kids enjoyed bike riding, reading and some short hikes.  We had fun playing with the little kids at the camp site.


Dessert after our Christmas dinner was s'mores!

The tent got a wall on one end and kids made use of the structure the entire time we were there.


We all took a walk down to the Discovery Center.

Lots of snacking and playing of games.

Cuddle bugs in the morning.  I love this kind of camping; a heater and a bed!  I was still happy to get home though.  Miss A didn't seem too thrilled about being away from home (translation- I spent most of the trip holding her).

We had a great, mellow Christmas enjoying the great outdoors and some quiet family time.

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