Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Jammie Drill

December seems to be Jammie Drill season around here.  This week we had the first one this year.  I just love the fun and excitement around them, and the anticipation of getting to surprise the kids with a fun treat.  Just imagine....

Kids are sent to bed. All is (fairly) quiet in the house.  Mom and dad quietly go get shoes on, mom starts getting baby ready to go.  Daddy pokes his head out to say "Jammie Drill, 5 minutes" then its all giggles, and scrambling for shoes and socks as they all help each other get ready.  If the timer goes off before everyone is in the car its a no go.  We've never had that happen.  Even Mr. K knew this was something to be excited about! 

We have a good time just enjoying each other and playing around a bit.  Daddy orders snacks and dessert for everyone to enjoy.


Miss A was such a good baby.  She fell asleep quietly in the Baby K'tan carrier shortly after we arrived and started to stir when it was about time to go.

*Thanks Nana for the new PJ's!  We were extra cute in our fun long johns!

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  1. I LOVE this idea I can't wait til my kids are bigger so we can do it! I think my husband may be just as excited as the kids! Haha