Saturday, December 21, 2013

Uncle D and Aunt M!

Uncle D and Aunt M came through for a quick Christmas visit.  We loved the chance to hang out with them and just enjoy the time together.  The kids got to show them around the house/yard and do go-carts with them.

We also did early Christmas presents with them.  They did a great group gift for the kids of a movie night.  They brought gifts of movies, candy and popcorn.  The kids thought these were GREAT gifts!

We watched the old Disney Robin Hood and the kids had a free-for-all with the candy.  I was happy to see that there were left overs that have been bagged up for later.


 A few games of Carcassonne were also enjoyed.  The kids first played it on a visit to D&M's house and it was quickly requested as a birthday gift. 

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