Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Miss C gets her ears pierced

A year ago Miss C asked us to take her to get her ears pierced.  For weeks she asked.  I pinched her ears to help her know what it would feel like.  Did she still want to do it?  Yes!  Finally, we took her.  She was set, she was going to get this done!  Then she found out that she had to sit in the chair and let these ladies touch her.  NO WAY!!!!  Our shy little girl was not ready for that.  No big deal, we headed home.

A couple of weeks ago we started hearing her ask about getting her ears done again.  I reminded her that she would have to sit in the chair and let the ladies touch her.  She thought about it.  On the 30th she came to me and told me she was ready.  I told her to tell her daddy.  She forgot.  On New Years Eve she remembered to ask daddy.  That afternoon we all went to the mall.  She was so excited!

Her big brothers were watching out for her while her big sisters shopped for earrings (for her).


She got a bit nervous and was happy to hold on to the bear.  We ended up getting her a bear like this to take home.

She did such a great job!  She hardly flinched!  We were so proud (and a bit stunned)!  Good job Miss C!

Miss C picked out a pair of earrings and is now on the look out for a very small pair of Hello Kitty earrings (the ones at Claire's were too big).

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