Wednesday, February 26, 2014

4 months

Miss A is 4 months!  She is growing nicely weighing in at 13 pounds 5.5 ounces.  She is a tiny bit smaller than I would have expected except that she was sick for several days and just started eating well again a couple of days ago.
Her big sisters think she makes the perfect doll!

Miss A is getting much more active and wants to stand whenever possible.  We pulled the saucer out and Miss E put it together.  Miss A is loving it!
Miss A seems to be a bit puzzled by Miss E.  She loves Miss E and is often found staring at her; its as if she is trying to figure out who this other "mommy" looking person is.

When playing on the floor she can spin herself around in a circle on her back; on her stomach she gets her legs up under her and scoots a bit.  She can roll from front to back, but since she would rather be on her tummy most of the time she is not exactly thrilled with this new skill.

Miss A is enjoying playing with toys and grabbing at things.  She is showing great interest in food; her eyes get huge as she watches us eat and she has been throwing her hands around much more in an uncoordinated effort to get at our food.  It will not be too long before she is getting her first tastes.  I'm not yet convinced that she is ready, though Mr. K seems to be sure that she is ready (no, he has not managed to give her food, but he sweetly asks me if he can give her some food regularly).

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