Saturday, February 22, 2014

Strep and pneumonia

Miss J started feeling sick while we were camping; by the time we were pulling into town it was obvious that she was in need of a doctor.  She had a double whammy of strep AND pneumonia.  We got her on antibiotics right away and by the next evening (so, 24 hours later) she was feeling much better.

The doctor advised us to quarantine her for 48 hours, she didn't mind hanging out in our room watching movies and napping that whole time. She was itching to get out the next day though.  We're still restricting her activity, but that is getting hard; she is such an active girl!

*I love that my "princess" wanted to watch nothing but Davy Crocket during her entire quarantine time.  She is such a girlie girl who obviously has many big brothers that she loves to hang out with!

Miss A was sick too, and she started sounding quite nasty and running a fever.  We had her checked out as well.  She had an ear infection that needed to be treated with antibiotics and since those would cover pneumonia (if she had it, which was unlikely) we didn't mess with chest x-rays.  She's been held and loved on even more than usual.  When she is managing to sleep for longer stretches its been in her swing.

Mr. K was the last to start in on this bug.  He had a rough couple of days but is also doing much better.

Everyone seems to be on the mend now.  I'm so glad.  I was really running out of steam there.  We're all taking a few days to rest and recover before we even try to get back to "normal."  I'm so thankful for my big kids who not only stayed healthy but also kept the basics running around here while I cared for the sick-oes.

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