Monday, February 17, 2014


We delayed our camping trip by a day to take care of Mr. S's ear.  Even though we were off to a rough start we were all looking forward to a fun week-end.  This was not our typical sort of camping trip in that it was at an RV resort (We were given a free week-end in exchange for listening to their spiel on how we should join their group; we managed to resist.)

The kids were excited to find that the mini-golf was free.  Between that, riding their bikes and some time at the pool the big kids were busy the whole time.

The little kids thought the playground was fun.

Miss J started feeling sick the morning after we arrived.  I ended up spending most of my time in the trailer with her.  Ah, the conveniences of home while camping!  I was thankful to be able to let tired children watch a couple of movies while I cared for Miss J and Miss A (who was also starting to feel sick).

Mr. K enjoyed getting to hang out with daddy at the pool while the big kids were swimming.

Mini golf was fun for him too.

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