Friday, February 14, 2014

ruptured ear drum

We've been sick for over a week now (a cold that is taking its time moving through the whole family).  Everyone seemed to be getting better and we were excited to be heading out for a camping trip this week-end.  The night before leaving Mr. S had a really rough night, but he seemed a bit better in the morning.  Fast forward a few hours and he had taken a noticeable turn for the worse again.  From his symptoms I suspected a ruptured ear drum.

Daddy took him to the doctor who confirmed my suspicions.  He was already starting to do a bit better and some good drugs are helping him along.

*Mr. S had NOT complained of any pain in his ear until that evening.  In hindsight I'm fairly certain he had had an ear infection for over a week.  He had been having a hard time hearing, and had had a rough week overall.  It seems that this guy is taking after one of his uncles who was known to have these sorts of (seemingly symptomless) ear infections as well.  We've ordered an otoscope so that we will be able to check ears at home and now know what to look for in him to prevent this from happening again.

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