Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A wedding!

Cousin G (AKA Purple Cat) was getting married.  Our family loves a good party and a wedding is a wonderful excuse to gather everyone.  I was so thankful to Rob for making it possible to get out for this special day.  For so many reasons this was a wedding I just could not miss.  What a joyful time as we all began to gather to celebrate the beginning of a new marriage and family....

Great Gram and her youngest (for the moment) great grandchild.  Such a joy to get to bring them together.
Uncle C bumming candy off of his niece 
Out of 10 cousins, 9 were able to be there (and the 10th sent his wife).  We've all grown and gone our own ways, but it's always nice to get together.
All that space to run and play....she was in heaven!
For Miss J getting to chase Miss A around and play babysitter was like a dream come true.  They both had a blast.
Baby girl decided not to show up until after everyone left town.  It was great to see the mama and daddy though. ;)

I didn't really get any pictures of the ceremony.  I was busy enjoying it and...well...keeping Miss A still and quiet.  Anyone that knows her well knows that is quite the job. ;)

Ah, now to PARTY!!!!  The bride and groom threw a great party and we all had so much fun!  

Miss C thought it was getting a bit loud.

Dancing with Uncle C is fun!

What a party!  A couple of my girls could have kept going in the the wee hours, but one was already out and the other looking pretty tired.  We headed back to Nana's while the party was still going, but not long before things wound down.  Tomorrow would be another busy day!

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