Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

We started off our New Years day slowly.  Most of the kids slept in since they were up late.  We headed off to Starbucks for a late breakfast.  The kids were so exited to use their Starbucks cards they got for Christmas from Great Gram.
Thank you for the gift cards Great Gram!!!

The kids love getting gift cards.  I love seeing them making their choices and making their transactions on their own.  Even Mr. K had a great time holding onto his card, placing his order and presenting his card; just like the big kids!

Miss A slept through the whole thing.  Not to worry, she had plenty of breakfast earlier in the morning.

The roads were very clear when we left the house.  When we left our local Starbucks it was snowing.  We had one errand to run; this is what the roads looked like by the time we were heading home.

The kids were excited to go sledding in the back yard when we got home.

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