Sunday, July 18, 2010

A day out on the town!

Nana had a fun day out on the town planned for us, my cousin joined us too. The first thing planned was to ride the light rail train. The kids were all looking forward to this, but it was a big hit for Miss J since she loves trains so much. Our first stop was Nordstrom Cafe for lunch. Auntie Ellen met us there since she had just moved back to Portland that week! Yay! Her sister Sally joined us too! How fun, it had been years since I'd seen Sally, it was so nice to see them both.

Nana took the kids to the toy store and they all got to pick out a little something. Miss J didn't seem to think she really needed anything until she spotted the candy by the register. That was what she wanted, she held on tight to her bag!

We stopped to let the kids play in the fountain and cool off. Mr. M had fun playing with his new toy.

Another cousin joined us at the theater (my kids all call him "purple cat", my brother and Mr. S started it.) The kids were so excited when they found out Nana was taking them to see "Toy Story 3", they had such a good time. Even Miss J and Miss C did well in the movie.


Next we went out for Thai food. Hey, the kids had so much fun all day it was time to do something a bit more grown up. They did have good attitudes and I think they all found something they liked.


Then we were back to Nana's for some much needed sleep!

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