Monday, July 19, 2010

Tea time!

Tea is a big deal in my family. I grew up with tea at Gram's. As long as I can remember she has had a tea tray set with little tea cups for all of the grandkids to use and we always had a great time fixing up our tea with sugar, cream, lemon drops, and red hots! I don't remember any of us ever breaking any of the tea things. I can still remember hearing Gram say "oh well, if they break it they just won't have one next time." I think it helped us all learn good manners and to handle delicate things. My kids have come to enjoy tea parties too and it is something they look forward to when we go visit Great Gram.

This time Nana and Great Gram took us out to a lovely little tea room -Lavender Bleu- for a special treat. Uncle T and cousins G and A joined us making it an extra fun and special day!

The kids were all sweet as can be.



The food was great!

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  1. how fun! i wish i could have joined in the tea party!!!