Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Purple cat photography and a day at Gram's

My cousin G AKA "Purple Cat" does photography and was so sweet to be willing to do family pictures for us after tea when we got to Gram's. He did a great job, and his sister was a wonderful assistant. They are so good with kids, so the whole session went well even though everyone was a bit tired. I can see so much of their Mom (Auntie B) in them!

After pictures the kids all changed into play clothes so that they could go explore freely. The boys headed down to the creek with Cousin A and Purple Cat to find hermit crabs. They each got one and brought them up to show us.



Miss E stayed inside and helped Great Gram make funnel cakes. Mmmm.... they were so yummy! Gram picked up a funnel for me, so now I'll have to try making my own funnel cakes with a real funnel!

Miss C and Miss J took naps.

The kids found the marbles. These have been around for a LONG time. I know I played with them, I'm not sure if they once belonged to my mom and her siblings.
As always Gram had plenty of yummy food to eat and we all just enjoyed a lovely afternoon of food and fellowship!

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