Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Wintons Concert!

We had the privilege of helping to facilitate a concert at our friends' ranch given by The Wintons last night. It was an outreach event for the Kids' speech group - The Institute for Cultural Communicators (formally Communicators for Christ).
The Wintons are an amazing family who are following God as he has led them to come together as a family to tour America singing Blue Grass music, spreading God's vision for Fathers and sons/family, and most importantly sharing the Gospel!

*they are touring now, and will be in Oregon, California and Colorado in the next couple of months in case anyone is interested in having them play at your church or even a "living room" concert.

We had a wonderful time setting up for the event. Miss E helped clean the bathroom and Mr. R was constantly helping or in search of a new job to do! There was some time for playing out there too though!


We enjoyed a bit of fellowship time with the Wintons before things got going (and after too!). It was great to get to know them a bit better! Their testimony is awesome!


The concert itself was great and Miss J enjoyed getting to hear her favorite music in person once again (we first got to hear and meet them at Jenness Park for Family Home school camp). She was a bit shy though.
Rob did the sound for the evening, and Mr. S "helped" him.

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