Monday, July 12, 2010

Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! (and more!)

On our way up to Oregon we stopped to see Rob's kindergarten teacher. She and her husband had invited us to come up to stay with them some time, and upon further investigation we found out that they really did want us to come for a visit with ALL of the kids! We had a wonderful visit with them, it was so much fun! The kids enjoyed exploring their grounds and picking fruit and berries.
As luck would have it there is a wildlife rescue just down the street from them, so we were treated to a trip over there. We all enjoyed seeing the many cats, birds, and even a baby bear.


I could have passed on the reptile show, which was up close and personal. The kids loved it though, and it was a great learning opportunity for them!


The neighbors were out of town and they had offered the use of their pool to us, so they all went while Miss C and I took naps.

What a fun time this was for all of us, and it helped us relax and unwind for our vacation.

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