Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kid's Christmas decorations

Every year we have a little tree for the kids to decorate with all of their ornaments they make. We've expanded that in recent years to include decorating our school room. The kids make all of the decorations, and yesterday we spent the day making them!

The night before Miss E and I spent some time together getting everything ready. We cut red and green strips for making chains, white squares for making snowflakes, and yellow stars to color (to top the tree with).

We had some great snowflake cutters!

Most of the kids really got into making the chains. I had to cut more strips for them so that they could make chains for their rooms too!
*Coloring the stars was just not such a hit compared to scissors and tape!

Hmmm, I'll have to remember that a pair of scissors and some pretty paper can keep this girl busy for a LONG time!
Miss C isn't too into crafts yet, so when she was done watching she enjoyed some blanket time.
The big kids took turns stringing some popcorn for their tree during nap time. Mr S and Miss J each gave it a try later, but with limited success. ;)

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