Saturday, November 27, 2010


We decorated the tree today. Miss J is almost three, this is a fun year for Christmas. It is the first year that they remember how it all works and are so excited for it all, and yet it is all still so new! I loved watching her and her excitement. We all had fun today pulling out the decorations and getting the house ready for Christmas.
We each got a new ornament for the tree this year. Rob and I made them. This summer we had gone to the Scottish Games, and got to meet the Queen! She gave us each a favor. It was such a fun day, and a special memory; we wanted to do something special with the favors. We settled with the idea of making everyone an ornament out of their favor.

These were so simple to make, we just printed up pictures to go into little plastic magnetic frames (they don't need to be magnetic, that was just what we were able to find), grabbed some ribbon and a glue gun and that was it! I love how they turned out, and the kids did too!


  1. How creative! They look so pretty!

  2. Those look wonderful! We hope you have a lovely holiday and look forward to seeing you again next year!

    Mary, Queen of Scots
    St Andrew's Guild

  3. I remember your wonderful family and I know I made three of those favors! See yo next year!
    Dame Alice

  4. Very creative, guys!! We hope the Lord blesses you all with health and happiness this holiday season! Looking forward to seeing you all next year. Thanks for the stardom on you tube!! "-)
    Magnus MacRanald
    Signal Officer in HRM Guard