Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One year!

Miss C is one year old! My how this year has flown by.
She started her big day with her gifts. She got some cute PJ's (purchased with money sent from G'ma and Grandad), a new bag (for church), a couple cloth diapers, and some of her favorite baby snacks. She was so happy with the snacks, nothing else mattered. ;)
"Num, num, num" is her favorite thing to say. She was quite content to sit and eat her "num nums!"
That evening we invited some friends over for dinner. Their son is a week older than Miss C and the two are such cute little friends. I made cupcakes for both of them. Mr. J got "Cat in the hat" cupcakes, he is a Dr. Seuss kid.
Miss C got eclair cupcakes with teddy bears holding pumpkins on top, perfect for our little girl.

She was more than happy to dig in.

What a happy, messy little girl!
Mr. J stayed fairly clean.

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