Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reformation weekend

This past weekend we had the opportunity to spend a few nights with some friends that have quickly become very dear to us! The purpose of the visit was to participate in CVP's reformation celebration on Friday and then attend church at CVP on Sunday as well as to get to know the J Family better. The fellowship we enjoyed with the J Family (and also the R family that lives next door), was a HUGE and priceless gift to us! What a blessing they are!

The kids all dressed up for the Reformation Day celebration. My kids had fun picking the fabrics they wanted me to use for their costumes. Miss C just picked out one of her cute dresses to wear. ;)

Mr. S found this vest in the dress-up clothes almost as soon as we arrived. I think the only time he took it off while we were there was for bed! Our sweet hosts thought that he should take it home, and he has been wearing it regularly around here too!

Rob and some of the young men got a bit to excited about playing with their swords. They were inspired to set up this scene when they saw the red leather available for use in one of the crafts.

The first activity was crafts. They had a bit of leather working available, making a family crest, sewing a pouch, and braiding straw. I stuck with Miss J and helped her sew a pouch. She was so excited to be sewing.

In and out, in and out. She stuck with it all the way through!

Our boys were much more interested in the sword fights breaking out, and kicking themselves for not bringing their own!

Next it was time for games. Our family enjoyed watching and participating as well!

I guess we did not get any pictures of the dancing (English country), or of the dinner. After the dinner and dancing was the play! It was all so well done, and the fellowship was wonderful!

Our week-end with our friends was a wonderful one, full of great fellowship and conversation. The kids all had a wonderful time playing together, exploring the property, and they even put on a play for us!

Rebecca's blog has more pictures and information on the Reformation party (and a great picture of both families together!). Her blog is very encouraging to me.

Thank you for the wonderful week-end!


  1. We enjoyed spending time with you all so much! Your company was so very edifying. I have more photos to post soon of your dear littles and we look forward to seeing you all again real soon!

    Blessings sweet friends!
    Rebecca for the Team

  2. P.S. I don't know if you saw the line about the hymn that didn't catch on-- that was for Rob. ;)