Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Other than the regular advent calendars we've never really done "advent". This year I purchased the book "Jotham's Journey," which takes the reader(s) through advent by way of a story of a young boy's journey in the days before Jesus was born. We are enjoying reading of the prophesies of the Messiah and our own need for a Savior through this story.

We received these pretty ornaments from some very thoughtful friends recently (there are several more, all with different words/sayings). I intended to put them on the tree, but Mr. R had a great idea that we decided to go with. He thought it would be nice to have them hung up around the house in areas that we would see them regularly. The light switches were chosen as a place to hang them, and I must say that it has been delightful having them all over the house! I love the reminders of what we are celebrating this season!

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  1. We're reading through Jotham's Journey too! The kids are really enjoying the book and lighting and snuffing out the advent candles.

    I'm glad to see the ornaments being displayed so prominently!