Friday, December 31, 2010

Egg nog anyone?

So, on New Years Eve we all went to the commissary to do my big shopping trip for the month. As we walked in we were offered a free 1/2 gallon of egg nog. The commissary was trying to get rid of all of their egg nog.

Then a couple of rows into the trip we were offered another 1/2 gallon by the manager. I started thinking "great, a bunch of soon-to-expire egg nog". If that wasn't enough the manager spotted us again in line to check out and offered us two more cartons! Yep, we came home with two free gallons of egg nog. On further inspection we found that the expiration date was 1-13-11, plenty of time to enjoy the egg nog.

We've had
-egg nog at nearly every meal

-egg nog milk shakes

-egg nog pancakes (yum!)

I think we will soon be sick of egg nog, but since we will not have it for another year that is fine!

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