Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Streets of Bethlehem

A local church was putting on a "Streets of Bethlehem" nativity this past week. We went with a couple of other families (who also happen to be the bulk of our speech club), and we all had such a great time.

Some of them loved the line to get in so much that they went through it four or five times before even going in. (okay, maybe they were just being very kind and waiting for us while we tried to get a parking spot!)

They told the Christmas story in stages. When we first came in the skit was about the angel Gabriel coming to Mary and Joseph.

There were Roman soldiers.

Market place booths to "shop" at, some of them had activities like making a bracelet or leather working.
There were performers.
I was "dripping" with babies much of the evening!

Miss J has really warmed up to Mr. W in the past month or so. They were both blessed to have some special time together!

The last two skits were the Shepherds in the fields and then Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus in the stable.

This is what we saw as we walked away from the stable. A great reminder that we are not only celebrating the birth of our savior, but also remembering His sacrifice!

On the way out there was a tent full of goats. I think this was just about the most exciting part for Miss J and Miss C (though Miss J did enjoy seeing many angels too!).

We had some hot chocolate and a sweet time of fellowship together before heading home.

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  1. Love your Blog and photos of Streets of Bethlehem. Thanks for sharing. BTW, I attend FBC Salinas.