Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sunday blessings

This Sunday morning we took the long (2 1/2 hr.) drive up to CVP for church. I must say that it was worth it! The fellowship and teaching is so wonderful, encouraging and convicting! I should have come home tired and worn out from the early morning and long drive, but I didn't. Physically I was tired, but spiritually and emotionally I was awake, encouraged, and feeling very blessed!

On our way home Rob decided to see if we could stop at the German Restraunt that we had found on our last trip to CVP (but had closed just before we arrived). He called to see if they would still be open at our estemated arrival time.... They informed him that they would be happy to stay open a little late to accommodate us! The evening turned into such a wonderful blessing for us (and I hope to the others too!). When we arrived and were seated there were a couple of Grandmothers sitting at the table next to us and we talked to them for a bit. Then while waiting for our food Miss J started wishing everyone a "Happy New Year", to which someone said "what about Christmas?". That prompted all of the kids to sing "We wish you a Merry Christmas". We enjoyed continued chit chat with the owners and the one other guest as we enjoyed our wonderful meal.

As we finished our meal one of the owners brought a bag of cookies to the table--- one of the grandmas we had been talking to had purchased these cookies for the kids before leaving and could they have them? What a blessing! The kids had their cookies and then the family shared two slices of apple strudel. Rob went to pay.... Another blessing! It seems the grandmas enjoyed visiting with this large military family and wanted to bless us by paying for half of our meal! After a bit more chit-chat we headed out the door. One of the owners commented that she had no idea that staying open late tonight would be so much fun, and to please come back!

We left feeling so blessed and encouraged! It was also a wonderful chance to talk to the children about how they can be such a blessing to others by their good behavior and kindness.

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